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Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith were the ones that created Hotmail in 1995. Nowadays, it is officially known as Outlook. After catching Microsoft’s attention in 1997 the tech-giant Microsoft purchased this email service and made it a part of its MSN (Microsoft Network). Hotmail remained available for both new users and existing users until 2013. After that, the service completely switched to Outlook. However, you can still create an email account with the “@hotmail” extension.

Hotmail accounts that were previously created are still operational and accessible through There were around 300 million accounts at the time of Hotmail's transition to Outlook. In this article, you will explore all the information you need to log into a Hotmail account via different devices, and more.


How to log into Hotmail Account?

You may access all of Microsoft's services after logging into your Hotmail email. The several ways to get into your Hotmail account on different devices are shown below.

Hotmail Login from a Computer:

Use these instructions for logging into your Hotmail account on a desktop computer:

  • Start by opening the browser you normally use (e.g., Google Chrome, Opera, etc.).

  • Visit the Outlook/Hotmail website enter "" into the browser's URL tab and press Enter key.

  • Click on the Sign-in button.

  • On the Hotmail sign-in window, enter your full Hotmail email address (e.g.,

  • Type your password in the password field and then click on the Sign-In button.

  • When you have successfully logged in, you will be enabled to view your emails and manage your account by going to your Hotmail inbox.

Hotmail Login from an Android Phone:

Microsoft chose to create mobile apps for Hotmail since it is a well-liked email service. To get into your Hotmail sign-in account using an Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and browse for Hotmail (now officially known as Microsoft Outlook).

  • Install the Microsoft Outlook app.

  • Open the app, select "Add Account”. After entering your registered email, click "Continue."

  • After entering the password, click Sign in.

Hotmail Login from an iPhone:

To access your Hotmail account using the iPhone app, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Apple App Store and browse for Hotmail (now officially known as Microsoft Outlook).

  • Install the Microsoft Outlook app.

  • Open the app and tap on “Add account”.

  • Type in your full email address in the Email field, tap on "Continue".

  • Proceed by typing your password and tapping on "Sign in."

Configure Two-Step Verification for Hotmail:

Enabling two-step verification or two-factor authentication (2FA) will help you secure your account more from digital theft. Follow the instruction below to enable 2FA on your Hotmail email address:

  • Open your Hotmail account on your web or app.

  • Tap the "Security" tab.

  • Select option "Two-step verification" and click on "Set up two-step verification".

  • Microsoft will ask for your cell phone number and click "Send code" to verify your identification.

  • Your phone number will get a verification code. Type the given code, and then tap "Verify".

  • You will be asked to select any option to receive your security codes. You can get code via text message, phone call, or using the app provided by Microsoft.

  • Pick an option, then click "Next" and follow the instructions to set up your two-step verification.

  • Ultimately, press "Finish" to finish the configuration procedure.

Can't login your Hotmail account?

If you are unable to access your Outlook or Hotmail account, you may follow these steps:

Verify your Login information:

Hotmail account password and email address should be entered correctly. Try changing your password again by selecting "Forgot password?" from the login page.

Verify the Connectivity of your Internet:

Verify that your internet connection is steady before attempting to log in once more.

Eliminate Cookies and Cache:

Resolving login problems may include deleting cookies and cache from your browser. To accomplish this, navigate to your browser's settings, locate the Outlook/Hotmail website, and erase its cache and cookies and then try logging in again.

Switch to a New Browser and Try again:

When any of the above options do not work, try logging into your Hotmail account by using a different browser.

Verify the Status of your Account:

It's conceivable that your Outlook/Hotmail account has been suspended or closed if you're still having trouble logging in. If you need help, get in touch with Microsoft Support or check your email for any messages from the company.

Contact Microsoft Support:

If the above options don't work then you must get help from Microsoft Support. They might be able to assist you in getting your account back or fixing any problems logging in.

Features of Hotmail:

The user interface of Hotmail is highly comprehensive and user-friendly. Files provided or received in many file formats will open without any issues for the user. Reading and editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online is possible when the office web app is linked to Outlook. The user interface is also a lot more organized and simpler to use.

  • The most acclaimed feature of the latest edition of Hotmail is its limitless storage capacity, according to customers. Increasing the storage capacity is determined by the user's preferences.

  • Enables huge file transmission, sending files larger than 25 MB directly is possible with the new Hotmail, which integrates Outlook and Hotmail.

  • It works with all kinds of devices that can connect to the internet.

  • It is more intelligently structured. Hotmail users may categorize their files and documents by date, subject, file size, or chat.

  • It is possible to exclude spam. Spam is not a problem because of the platform's superior spam-removal technology.

How do I Change my Password on

These are few steps given below:

  • To change your Hotmail’s password, go to, log in using your details and choose Microsoft account security.

  • As a precaution, it could be necessary for you to present identification with a security code. You are required to select between getting the security code by phone or by email.

  • Verification of the last four digits of your phone number or email address is required. Once you've done that, choose the Send code option.

  • Your phone number or email address will get a security code. Enter the code, and click "Submit”.

  • After this, a screen will appear where you may change the password for your account.

Email not Sending on

To resolve this issue, check the following.

  • Look for any cautions or notifications against sending emails in your email account. This might indicate that you've sent more than you intended to.

  • Verify the email address twice to ensure it is accurate.

  • If the email has large attachments, consider removing or distributing them in smaller batches.

  • Verify that the configuration of your email account is accurate by reviewing the settings.

What should you do if your Hotmail account is Blocked?

If they see strange activity linked to login processes, Hotmail may temporarily suspend your account. You may have your account unlocked by contacting Hotmail support. After the investigation is completed, you will be able to access your Hotmail account and use it again. Inform them of the complete rationale behind the account restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs):

How to Sign in to my Hotmail account?

  • Open the browser and type

  • On the Hotmail sign-in window, enter your full Hotmail email address (e.g.,

  • Type your password, then press the Sign In button.

What is Hotmail?

This email service is completely free. It is regarded as Microsoft's original electronic messaging service that runs on the Internet. To begin receiving or sending emails, the user just registers. When it updated its name to in 2013, it had 900 million users overall.

How to change Hotmail's Password?

  • Log in to your Hotmail account with your username and updated password.

  • Select the "Settings" tab.

  • Select "Accounts."

  • Press "Change Password."

  • After entering your existing password once, or twice enter the new password you want to use.

How can a Hotmail account be Deleted?

If you want to delete your account, follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit "" and log in using your login information.

  • At the top of the page, select the Your Info option.

  • Navigate down to the section titled "Help with Microsoft account".

  • To cancel your account, click the link.

  • Select the duration of time that Microsoft should keep your data i.e. either 30 or 60 days.

  • Select Next.

  • Go over each security confirmation one by one.

How to block Emails on Hotmail?

If you want to block an email on Hotmail follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings.

  • Click on Mail at the bottom of the window.

  • On the left window, click "Mail > Accounts > Block" or Allow.

  • Enter the desired email address or domain under Blocked Senders, then choose the appropriate option.

  • Click on Save.

How to recover a Hotmail account?

If you want to recover your Hotmail account you should follow these steps:

  • Click on this link “” to recover the Hotmail account.

  • Next, provide the email address that Microsoft should use to get in touch with you.

  • To finish the procedure, confirm your contact email address, enter the security code, and follow the instructions on the screen. In a day or two, Microsoft is supposed to respond.

How to reset the Hotmail password?

Go to "" from your browser. This website allows you to change an account's password if you still have access to the backup that you used to set up your Hotmail or Outlook account. After entering the email address you would want to receive back, click Next.

What is Hotmail used for?

Email sending and receiving is the main function of Hotmail. A calendar, task management, contact management, video chat, storage, and other functions are also available. Checking emails connected to other services like Google or Yahoo Mail can also occasionally be done via Hotmail.

Why is Hotmail not working?

These are a few of the most frequent causes of my Hotmail account not functioning.

  • An issue with the server being down.

  • An issue with network connectivity.

  • Hotmail isn't compatible with the browser you're using right now.

  • Incorrect password or username.

  • Incorrect arrangements.

  • An outdated version of Outlook or an issue with your Outlook account might exist.

  • It's possible that the email program you use isn't operating correctly.


In conclusion, Hotmail is still being used and popular with the new name which is Outlook and provides enhanced features like calendar and appointment system along with address box. With specific instructions provided for each platform, accessing your Hotmail or Outlook account is simple whether using an iPhone, Android phone, or PC.

Moreover, account safety is guaranteed by setting up security features like two-step verification. Hotmail customers may successfully manage their email experience by finding detailed answers to frequently asked questions about Hotmail usage, troubleshooting, and account recovery. A dependable tool for organization and communication in the digital era, Hotmail keeps up with technological advancements.

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