Medical Journal of Clinical Trials & Case Studies (MJCCS)

Medical Journal of Clinical trials & Case Studies (MJCCS) is specifically designed to provide researchers around the world about the current developments & extended search for the evidence in concerned field. We invites authors to submit their original articles, Case studies. Where MJCCS provides complete information for practitioners concerned with various aspects of signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and the record of patient disease in different fields. This journal acts as a platform for researchers to share their research work to the world. The scope of the journal is to provide an international opportunity for encouraging splendid discussions and contributing with a strong desire in providing information on modern research and advances in the field of Medical & clinical research.

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Perspectives in Pain Management: Physical Analgesia

Ivet Koleva1*, Borislav Yoshinov2 and Radoslav Yoshinov3


Case Report

Ceramic Veneers for Smile Optimization: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Azouzi I1, Kalghoum I1, Hadyaoui D2*, Harzallah B2 and Cherif M3


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