Annals of Bioethics & Clinical Applications (ABCA)

ISSN :2691-5774

Annals of Bioethics & Clinical Application deals with the study of the ethical issues rising from advances in biology and medicine. ABCA which gives a stage to exchange on ordered bio-ethical and ethical entities in General morals, Human Experimentation, Health Care, Animal morals, Death and dying ethics in relation in association to abortion, bioethics and philosophy of science, public ethics, ethics in disaster medicine etc. while making them completely open accessible through online with no limitations or any other subscriptions to researchers worldwide. ABCA provides free platform to all young researchers, scientific experts and push them for better scientific future by accepting all type of original works that is related to the disciplines of the journal.

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Latest Articles

Mini Review
Zoonosis from “One Health”: Ethical Reflections on its Relevance
Tamayo MJV*, Pinilla JS, Morales JFB, Goodridge A and Lima LAG
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