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Epidemiology International Journal (EIJ) is specifically designed to provide researchers around the world with most recent topics pertaining to Epidemiology and their applications. We invites authors to submit their original articles, reviews, opinions, case reports, short communications, news, clinical perspectives, proceedings, health policies etc., where EIJ provides complete information for practitioners concerned with evolution research in areas of epidemiologic research, methodological & development, chronic & acute conditions of varied etiologies. EIJ is a leading international journal covering all aspects of epidemiologic methods & disease etiology. This journal acts as a platform for researchers to share their research work to world.

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High Incidence and Mortality of Cervical Cancer in the Southern United States

Jun Tao*, Brooke EE Montgomery, Sarah A. Marshall, Shelbie Stahr, Tamier L Wells, Ronda Henry-Tillman, Ronda HT and L Joseph Su


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