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International Journal of Forensic Sciences is a multidisciplinary, international peer reviewed Open Access Journal deals with the many different scientific disciplines pertaining to the forensic sciences. The main aim of journal is to encourage scholarly research works related to Forensic Science covering a wide range of perspectives. The scope of journal includes forensic pathology and histochemistry, chemistry, biochemistry and toxicology (including drugs, alcohol, etc.), biology (including the identification of hairs and fibres), serology, odontology, psychiatry, anthropology, the physical sciences, firearms, and document examination, as well as investigations of value to public health in its broadest sense. This journal is pleased to accept Research Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, Mini- Reviews, Opinions, Letter to Editors, editorials etc., focused on forensic science.

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Kounis Syndrome - A Retrospective Post-Mortem Study

Vijay Kumar AG, Kumar U*, Shivaramu MG, Satish NT and Vinay J


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