International Journal of Forensic Sciences (IJFSC)

Volume 6 Issue 1

Research Article
Epidemiological and Forensic Aspects of Physical Abuse of Minors
Ndoye El Hadji Oumar*, Diallo Amadou Mouctar, Camara O, Conde Namoudou, Dia Sidy Ahmed and Soumah Mouhamed Manibiliot
Review Article
From Crime Scene Investigation to Toxicological Sampling: Forensic Approach to Volatile Substance Related Deaths
Straccamore M*, Petrasso PEY, Umani Ronchi F, Cappelletti S, Bottoni E and Ciallella C
Research Article
Anti- Forensics: The Tampering of Videos
Fayyad Kazan H*, Hejase HJ, Moukadem I, Rkein H and Kobeissi K
Review Article
Research Article
JPEG Steganography: Hiding in Plain Sight
Hasan Fayyad-Kazan*, Elissa Saba, Hussin J Hejase, Ali El Dirani and Hassan Rkein
Research Article
Burn Fatalities in Benghazi city
Samir Elmrghni*, Salha Bohagar, Mahmoud Kaddura, Abdulmalik Adel, Fatimah Amtawil Tahani Dawod, Abdulla Faraj and Abdulla Issa
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