International Journal of Zoology and Animal Biology (IZAB)

Volume 5 Issue 6

Research Article
Hand-Rearing and Weaning of a Bradypus Variegatus Cub
Camara Benarros MS* Souza Marques da SSK, Rodrigues de MSE, Albuquerque LCT and Farhayldes Souza DS
Research Article
Helminths of Wild Boars Hunting in the Belgrade Area
Pavlovic I*, Zdravkovic N and Gavrilovic P
Research Article
Study of the Viability of Oocytes Collected from Bovine Ovaries Obtained in a Slaughterhouse Under Punctured at Different Times
Fonseca Dias SD, Pinto de Andrade L, Rolo J, Gaspar C, Gomes-Ruivo P, Machado RS, Ferreira SS, Palmeira-de-Oliveira R, Martinez-de-Oliveira J and Palmeira-de-Oliveira A*
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