Journal of Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine (JIDTM)

Special Issue 1: COVID-19 Disease Characteristics in Different Types of Patients

Letter to Editor
Proposal for the Use of Canakinumab in Acute Respiratory Distress Secondary to COVID-19 Infection
Munoz-Jiménez A*, Rubio-Romero E and Marenco de la Fuente JL
Research Article
Review Article
Possible Role of BCG-Induced Trained Immunity to Reduce the Prevalence and Severity of COVID-19 in High-Risk Population
Gupta G, Chatterji S, Jain S, Thukral H, Arumugaswami V, Guha SK, Basu A, Gupta S and Sinha S*
Research Article
Experiences of Shanghai Medical Workers Who Assisted Wuhan in Fighting Against the COVID-19 Epidemic
Runv Zhou, Li Xu, Xueyan Li, Caiping Gao, Shikun Xu, Shengjie Liu, Lin Qi, Tao Wang and Weiying Zhang*
Conceptual Paper
Covid 19 and Ivermectin Prevention and Treatment Update
Hirsch Roberto R and Carvallo Hector E*
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