Public Health Open Access (PHOA)

Volume 5 Issue 2

Research Article
Chikungunya Arbovirus in Bangladesh: An Epidemic with Medical Entomology
Hassan MM, Jhora ST, Ahmed M, Hayatun Nabi M, Huq N, Rahman S, Sarker K, Arafat SMG, Ahmad H, Islam MM, Ahamed R
Research Article
Operationalization of Insecticide Resistance Monitoring Amongst Malaria Vectors in the Philippines
Salazar FV*, Malijan RPB, Braganza JB, Angeles JR, Ammugauan MAT, Aguila AMA, Macam OL, Segundo UP, Ebol AP, Hugo CT, Torno MM, Aure WE, Velayudhan R and Espino FECJ
Research Article
Impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic on the LGBTQIA+ Community
Adeel Shoaib, Alliya Shafi, Marvi Dhaliwal, Tapanes DJ*, Raju P, Upadhyaya M, Dong V and Nguyen TH
Review Article
Review of Expectations around Public Safety in the Covid-19 Era
Maria Del RMG, Cruz GL*, Sofia LNT and Alejandra NQ
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