Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access (VVOA)

Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article
Hepatitis B Vaccine in Healthy Adults: Effect of Sex and Age, Two Protocols for Non-Responding Adults
<p>Haddad E<sup>1,2*</sup>, Sleiman Z<sup>2</sup> and Choucair J<sup>2,3</sup></p>
Image Article
Management of Toxic Goitre
<p>Bhaskar G* and Sujit KB</p>
Mini Review
Influenza a Virus (H1N1)
<p>Souza AS<sup>1</sup>, Santos FOMC<sup>1</sup>, Carvalho MO<sup>1</sup>, Carmo PG<sup>1</sup>, Souza SJ<sup>1</sup>, Ingrid BS<sup>2</sup>, Fabio KP<sup>2</sup> and Droppa AD<sup>2</sup>*</p>
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