Open Access Journal of Agricultural Research (OAJAR)

ISSN: 2474-8846


Considering Use-Inspired Design and Tangible Impacts in the Agricultural Sector

Authors: Hubbart JA*

DOI: 10.23880/oajar-16000323


The impending mid-century global food crisis, driven by population growth and exacerbated by complex factors such as transitioning to clean energy, shifting food preferences, and data quality concerns, presents unparalleled challenges. Sustainable agriculture, defined as meeting current needs without compromising those of future generations, is a top global priority in meeting these challenges. This article explores the concept of use-inspired design in agriculture, highlighting its significance in translating scientific knowledge into actionable solutions for farmers and policymakers. Successful implementation of useinspired design requires interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with end-users to ensure context-specific solutions. Organizational change leadership and management approaches are essential in guiding significant initiatives that include use-inspired design approaches. Key strategies include effective communication involving influential change champions and promoting collaboration across scientific disciplines and industry sectors. Creating a culture that values collaboration and societal engagement motivates scientists and managers to approach their work with a broader perspective, remaining open to feedback and adaptable to evolving societal needs and challenges. Ultimately, use-inspired design facilitated using organizational change approaches encourages scientists to conduct research and managers to make science-based decisions that contribute to solving contemporary global challenges, such as the coming food crisis, and ensuring tangible differences for society.

Keywords: Use-Inspired Design; Organizational Change; Tangible Outcomes; Society; Science; Research; Managers

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