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ISSN: 2474-8846

Research Article

Genetic Resistance to Viruses in Hot Pepper Landraces of Sudan

Authors: Ahmed EA* and Mohamed EI

DOI: 10.23880/oajar-16000336


Thirty three hot pepper (Capsicum annuum) accessions prefixed (HSD), collected from different regions of Sudan were obtained from the Agricultural Research Corporation (Sudan) gene bank. The accessions were tested for resistance to six viruses TMV P (0) and P (1,2); PVY P (0) and PVY P (1,2); PVMV; TEV; PepMoV and CMV. Hundred seedlings from each accession were mechanically inoculated. Each time the susceptible plants were cut off and the numbers of the resistant plants were determined as percentage. The doubled antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA) was performed, to verify the presence or absence of the virus in the resistant plants. All tests were done at the pepper laboratory at Montfavet (INRA-France). For TMV p(0) seven accessions showed resistance in the range of 10% to 67% of the plants while for TMV p(1,2) only four accessions showed resistance in the range of 11% to 50%. Four accessions showed resistance to PVY p(0) in the range of 8% and 9% while for PVY p(1,2) only two accessions HSD 1008 and 1040 showed 2% of resistant plants. For PepMov only two accessions HSD 533 and HSD 1201 showed resistance of 10% of the plants. For CMV installation two accessions HSD 1055 and HSD 1032 showed resistance in the range of 24% and 17% respectively. None of the plants resistant to CMV installation were found resistant to CMV migration None of the accessions tested for TEV and PVMV were resistant. Screening this collection of the hot pepper accessions of the gene bank for viruses resistance and their fixation will be useful for breeding resistant hot pepper cultivars.

Keywords: Capsicum annuum; Landraces; Virus Resistance Sudan

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