Physical Science & Biophysics Journal (PSBJ)

ISSN: 2641-9165

Review Article

Review on ChatGPT: History, Applications and Limitations in Chemistry

Authors: HS Samuel and EE Etim*

DOI: 10.23880/psbj-16000263


The advancement in Artificial intelligence has ushered new opportunities in various aspects of life and fields of study. Among the various AI tools developed, chatGPT has gained considerable attention due to its natural language model and interactive capabilities. It has been recognized as a powerful tool for various applications in chemistry such as physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, industrial, environmental, polymer and food chemistry etc. in this review, we focused on the applications of chatGPT in the above named fields of chemistry. We discussed the evolution of chatGPT from the original GPT model to the current chatGPT model and we also examine the limitations of chatGPT. This review provides a comprehensive summary of the history, potential applications and limitations of chatGPT in the field of chemistry, along with in-depth insight on the future prospect of the technology.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Chemistry, and Applications

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