Women's Health Science Journal (WHSJ)

ISSN: 2639-2526

Case Report

Mammary Myofibroblastoma: Report of an Uncommon Case

Authors: Lakhdar K*, Zeraidi N, Sarhdaoui O, Mouiman S, Slaoui A and Baydada A

DOI: 10.23880/whsj-16000197


Mammary myofibroblastoma is an uncommon benign mesenchymatous tumor, representing less than 1% of mammary tumors. First individualized in 1987, it’s a benign tumor of unknown etiology, occurring in equal incidence in post-menopausal women and men. It has with a very large morphological spectrum but its management is surgical and the diagnosis is histological and immune histochemical. We hereby report a case of a myofibroblastoma in a 28-year-old woman that was successfully managed surgically. The particularity of our case is the very young age of our patient, since the cases described in the literature are tumors in post-menopausal women. This case raises the issue of pathology’s polymorphism.

Keywords: Mammary benign tumor; Myofibroblastoma; Spindle cell tumor

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