Cell & Cellular Life Sciences Journal (CCLSJ)

ISSN: 2578-4811


Insulin Sensitizers as Anti-Aging Agents: Unveiling Synergies with Albumin, GLP-1RA, Klotho Protein, and Metformin in the Quest to Combat Aging

Authors: Amr Ahmed* and Maher M. Akl

DOI: 10.23880/cclsj-16000200


This study delves into the synergistic interplay among albumin, insulin, Klotho protein, and relevant medications in the pursuit of a concerted approach to halt aging. Emphasizing albumin's pivotal role in various physiological functions, including transportation and drug distribution, the research underscores its decline's correlation with aging-related cognitive implications. The intricate relationship between insulin and albumin, modulated by Foxo1, underscores its crucial significance. Groundbreaking experiments, utilizing unmodified serum albumin, demonstrate a remarkable increase in lifespan and enhanced physical capabilities, highlighting the potential of an integrative approach. The investigation extends to insulin sensitizers, Klotho protein, metformin, and SGLT2 inhibitors, collectively revealing promising anti-aging effects. The association between Klotho protein and albumin suggests a collaborative mechanism with implications for efficient transport and distribution. This research offers insights into a comprehensive, synergistic strategy harnessing the potential of these elements to counteract aging processes.

Keywords: Insulin Sensitizers; Metformin, GLP1; Degludec; Albumin; Aging; Protein Homeostasis; Insulin Signaling; Healthy Aging; Anti-Aging Agents; Protein Aggregation; Lifespan Extension; Cognitive Function; Therapeutic Strategies; Personalized Interventions

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