Neurology & Neurotherapy Open Access Journal (NNOAJ)

ISSN: 2639-2178

Mini Review

Seepage and Swelling-Neuroendocrine Tumour Testis

Authors: Bajaj A*

DOI: 10.23880/nnoaj-16000188


Neuroendocrine tumour of testis configures a well differentiated neuroendocrine tumour or a low grade, epithelial neoplasm demonstrating neuroendocrine differentiation. Testicular neuroendocrine tumour may concur with pre-pubertal teratoma or exceptionally articulate as a post-pubertal subtype. Tumour cells manifest with a near diploid genotype. Tumour cells appear devoid of is chromosome 12p or numerical aberrations confined to X chromosome. Cytological examination exhibits isolated singular cells or sheets of neoplastic cells permeated with granular cytoplasm, uniform, spherical nuclei and evenly distributed, fine nuclear chromatin. Morphologically, tumefaction exhibits cellular nests, glands with intra-luminal mucin, solid sheets, insular, acinar or trabecular pattern of tumour evolution. Monomorphic neoplastic cells are pervaded with abundant, granular, eosinophilic cytoplasm, regular spherical nuclei and fine or salt and pepper nuclear chromatin, encompassed within a delicate, fibrous or hyalinised stroma

Keywords: Insular or Trabecular; Granular Cytoplasm; Salt and Pepper Nuclear Chromatin

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