Open Access Journal of Gynecology (OAJG)

ISSN: 2474-9230

Mini Review

Harnessing Antioxidants for Enhanced Pregnancy Success and Fetal Development

Authors: Obeagu EI*and Obeagu GU

DOI: 10.23880/oajg-16000282


Pregnancy is a dynamic physiological state marked by increased oxidative stress, presenting challenges to maternal health and fetal development. This review explores the intricate relationship between oxidative stress and pregnancy outcomes, emphasizing the potential of antioxidants as crucial mediators in maintaining a healthy balance. The role of antioxidants in mitigating cellular damage, inflammation, and adverse pregnancy outcomes is discussed, with a focus on their impact on reproductive success and long-term fetal development. Key antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, selenium, coenzyme Q10, and polyphenols, are explored in the context of their mechanisms of action and potential clinical applications. The review delves into the implications of antioxidant supplementation on fertility, implantation, and early embryonic development, providing insights into optimizing reproductive success. The clinical applications of antioxidants in pregnancy are explored, encompassing patient-specific factors and potential challenges in interpreting study results.

Keywords: Antioxidant Supplementation; Maternal-Fetal Health; Oxidative Stress; Pregnancy Complications; Redox Balance

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