Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access (NNOA)

ISSN: 2574-187X

Review Article

Mother Nature in a Given World: Solving the Problem of Nanotechnological Precaution

Authors: Pellin D*

DOI: 10.23880/nnoa-16000296


The development, use and application of nanotechnologies is one step away from being controlled by the technology itself. It is a scenario under construction, called the Given World in an Informational Society, subject to control by digital citizens: the infoviduos who, organically and non-organically, interfere with the network to hybridize socially and, with this, build, from the data of the network, horizontal control over all forms of development, especially, inform the nanotechnological precaution beyond politics and economics. The methodology has a systemic approach and deductive method. It uses as research techniques the collection of indirect data, the bibliographic review, national and foreign. The results indicate that, if the Organizations do not make the data available to inform and make known to society, the control project will be stagnant and the precaution, once again, relegated to the convenience and political and economic opportunity.

Keywords: Nanotechnology; Risk; World Dado; Control; Digital Citizenship

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