Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access (NNOA)

ISSN: 2574-187X

Review Article

A Review on Advancing Sustainability: Exploring the Potential of Cork and Granite Sludge Composite Materials in Infrastructure Development

Authors: Jalgar S*, Narayankar H and Mathad SN

DOI: 10.23880/nnoa-16000297


In recent years, material scientists have been focusing on the utilization of materials from natural resources due to environmental concerns. The previous researches and investigations show the importance of cork and granite sludge in the Construction activities. The study is based on the use and tests carried out on Cork and Granite Sludge to know about their properties. With the same context the aim of this research paper is to highlight the use and credibility of using the natural materials Cork and Granite sludge in combination with Cement in building construction. Cork displays a high degree of stability under varying conditions. This is paramount to its continual usage and success throughout the world today. Cork is a tough, durable substance with a remarkable capacity for retaining its initial properties. Cork’s many air cells also contribute to excellent acoustic benefit, providing efficient sound resistance above and below the floor. Cork is an effective way to muffle the sound of children playing in a room above, or reduce the echo found with “other” hard surface floors in a media room. Cement replacement with granite in small amounts leads to better dispersion of cement particles in the mix which results in better cement reactions and finally improvements in strength and other characteristics of concrete. The various properties and characteristics of Cork and Granite Sludge are highlighted in this paper which make them the most sustainable materials and contribute to Resilient Structures.

Keywords: Nanotechnology; Risk; World Dado; Control; Digital Citizenship

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