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ISSN: 2578-4633

Research Article

Chagas Disease: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects

Authors: De Souza LMO*, Lopes M, De Almeida RL, Filho Neto GLJS, De Souza CP, Marques PBF, Gomez DAPB, Lugo DRC, Cyrino RF, Akamatsu PA, Magalhães JCA, Melhem LH, Salina GRM, Portillo MEV and Ramos ABS

DOI: 10.23880/oajc-16000201


Chagas disease is an infectious ailment classified among neglected diseases. Currently, it remains a significant contributor to endemic scenarios, acute and/or chronic complications, and mortality. The main objective of this study focuses on updating and reviewing the scientific literature on Chagas disease. Accordingly, 18 studies, including systematic reviews, mixed studies, and/or meta-analyses published between 2013 and 2023, were selected from the Scielo and PubMed research platforms. Among the findings, a notable challenge is highlighted in the early diagnosis of the disease, leading to a higher incidence of chronic complications. Additionally, the study emphasizes the importance of continuous education for healthcare professionals and the enhancement of promotion and prevention policies as less costly measures for managing the endemic scenario of the disease. Another crucial aspect in disease management involves raising awareness among the population regarding the clinical manifestations of Chagas disease and the identification of infestation sources of the transmitting agent. Therefore, progress in reducing and controlling the endemicity of Chagas disease can only be achieved through collaboration between healthcare institutions and the population.

Keywords: Clinic; Epidemiology; Chagas Disease

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