Diabetes & Obesity International Journal (DOIJ)

ISSN: 2574-7770

Mini Review

The State of Diabetes: Understanding India's Epidemic

Authors: Shrisha SR#, Bhuvana D and Selvin R*

DOI: 10.23880/doij-16000287


Globally, the prevalence of diabetes is increasing as a result of ageing populations, urbanisation, obesity rates, and decreased physical activity. Diabetes affects young to middle-aged adults disproportionately in Asian countries, in contrast to the West where the disease primarily affects older people. This could have detrimental long-term implications on the economy and health of a country, particularly for emerging nations. According to projections from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there were around 50.8 million diabetics in India in 2010; by 2030, that number is expected to rise to 87.0 million. Reaching a near-normal glycaemic level is the main objective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In India, vascular problems and inadequate glycaemic management affect almost half of the patients. Consequently, the development of innovative treatment drugs for diabetes that do not compromise safety or cause complications to worsen is desperately needed. Despite extensive research on diabetes, a cure remains elusive for patients. As a result, this overview discusses current developments in diabetes research, treatment, and therapy.

Keywords: Diabetes; Insulin Pill; Diabetes Mellitus; Glycemic

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