International Journal of Biochemistry & Physiology (IJBP)

ISSN: 2577-4360

Research Article

Proximate and Physicochemical Composition of Food Prepared from Fermented Starch

Authors: Nwachoko N*, Ogorchukwu IO and Chukwudi OE

DOI: 10.23880/ijbp-16000243


Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substances through the action of enzymes. This study was designed to evaluate the proximate and physicochemical composition of food prepared from fermented starch. Cassava starch was allowed to ferment for a period of 12 days, proximate and physicochemical compositions were analysed using standard methods at intervals of 3 days. The result of proximate analysis showed that fermentation significantly increased the % moisture and protein content (B2 to B5) when compared to B1 of the starch food. Also a significant decrease in carbohydrate content (42.99±0.03 - 9.02±0.05) of the fermented samples was noted. The fibre and ash contents were significantly higher after 12 days of fermentation (B5) compared to the other batches. Result of the physicochemical parameters showed that the chloride values, solubility and oil absorption abilities of the samples decreased as the fermentation period increased. The wettability of the samples significantly increased in all the fermented samples compared to unfermented samples. The result obtained in this study showed that fermentation significantly enhanced the % protein and moisture content of the food and decreased the carbohydrate content as the fermentation period increased.

Keywords: Fermentation; Microorganisms; Proximate; Physicochemical; Cassava Starch

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