Annals of Immunology and Immunotherapy (AII)

ISSN: 2691-5782

Review Article

Cell Dynamics in HIV Pathogenesis: Insights and Implications

Authors: Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu* and Getrude Uzoma Obeagu

DOI: 10.23880/aii-16000184


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection remains a global health challenge, with intricate interactions between the virus and the immune system, particularly B cells, significantly influencing disease progression. This review aims to provide a comprehensive examination of B cell dynamics during HIV pathogenesis, offering insights into the implications for therapeutic interventions, vaccine design, and the broader understanding of HIV-associated immune dysfunction. The review begins by outlining the epidemiology of HIV and emphasizing the critical impact of the virus on the immune system, with a specific focus on B cells. It explores the alterations in B cell subpopulations, including memory B cell depletion and dysregulation, highlighting their implications for immune function during HIV infection. This review consolidates current knowledge on B cell dynamics in HIV pathogenesis, providing a foundation for advancing our understanding of the intricate host-virus interactions. The insights gained from this exploration hold significant implications for the development of targeted therapeutic strategies and informed approaches to HIV prevention and treatment.

Keywords: Hypergammaglobulinemia; B Cell Exhaustion; HIV; Immune Dysfunction; Antiretroviral therapy; Vaccine development; Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

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