Open Access Journal of Cancer & Oncology (OAJCO)

ISSN: 2578-4625

Mini Review

Immune Checkpoint Therapeutics for Today’s Fight and Beyond

Authors: Chen Yeh

DOI: 10.23880/oajco-16000197


An important hallmark of cancer is its ability to escape immune surveillance by developing several immunological barriers. These include a plethora of mechanisms that either dampen immune cell functionality, or foster tumor cell resistance towards immune attack. Immunotherapeutic strategies, such as immune checkpoint (IC) blockade, have emerged as promising therapeutic approaches for cancer treatment. However, the majority of tumor patients are refractory to current immune therapeutic tools, emphasizing the need to identify more key players that could radically improve immunotherapy efficacy. The variability of patients’ responses to immunotherapy can be ascribed to a differential immune signature across different tumors. Therapeutic strategies that reinforce the immune system against cancer are opposed by the numerous immune modulatory mechanisms exploited by the tumor and its microenvironment. This review aimed to achieve a comprehensive overview of tumor immunological features by untravelling the key arsenal of immune modulators expressed by tumor cells

Keywords: Cancer; Immune Checkpoint; Immunotherapy; Therapeutics; Tumor Microenvironment

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