International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Techniques (IJSST)

ISSN: 2578-482X

Case Report

Depressive Disorder in Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Effects of Surgery in Elderly Patients: Case Series

Authors: Sanna A*, Buzzi G, Prando D, Targa S, Bagolini F, Mantovan B, Zuliani L and Mazza A

DOI: 10.23880/ijsst-16000208


Background: Patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) often present nonspecific symptoms such as major depressive disorder and psychosis. Calcium plays a role in the pathogenesis of psychiatric symptoms by determining changes in monoamine metabolism in the central nervous system, thereby modifying neurotransmission and resulting in mood and cognitive alterations. Case series: This report presents a case series of 3 patients; 70-year-old, 78 year- old and 94 year-old women with PHPT and severe depression symptoms and its response to parathyroidectomy. The patients were a poor historian. Results of preoperative laboratory tests showed an increased serum calcium level (11.15mg/dL, 10.9 mg/dL and 11.4 mg/dL- reference range 8.4-10.2 mg/dL). A repeat serum calcium test confirmed hypercalcemia with concurrent elevated intact parathyroid hormone level. Two patients were undergone at parathyroidectomy. A 94 year-old patient refuse surgical approach and was efficacy treated with a single dose of zoledronic acid. Therefore, the patients underwent parathyroidectomy two months after procedure had a clinical improvement on depressive symptoms. There was any recurrent laryngeal nerve injury or recurrent PHTP. Conclusion: The presence of a long-standing depressive disorder unresponsive to medical therapy may suggest an organic disorder such as chronic hypercalcemia which may be secondary to PHPT. Surgical intervention in these selected cases can assist medical therapy in the improvement of depressive symptoms.

Keywords: Primary Hyperparathyroidism; Depression; Para Thyroidectomy; Surgical Outcomes

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