International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Techniques (IJSST)

ISSN: 2578-482X

Case Report

Mandibular First Premolar with Unusual Root and Canal Variation Associated With Condensing Osteitis or Sclerosing Osteitis–A Rarest Case Report

Authors: Nagaveni NB*

DOI: 10.23880/ijsst-16000211


The present article reports existence of severe root dilaceration (80-degree bend) and Vertucci’s type V root canal configuration in the mandibular first premolar which is rarely reported in the dental endodontic literature. In addition to this, development of a localized condensing osteitis involving the same tooth which is rarely reported till date is also presented. Condensing osteitis was accidentally detected following radiographic examination of the first premolar and this clinical condition usually involves the tooth with a long-standing pulpal infection and occurs as a result of body’s defence mechanism against the infection. This radiopaque jaw pathology represents a bone deposition phenomenon rather than a bone destruction, a reactionary process seen following an inflammatory process in the tooth.

Keywords: Sclerosing Osteitis; Maxillary; Root Canal; Dental

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