International Journal of Oceanography & Aquaculture (IJOAC)

ISSN: 2577-4050

Research Article

Assessment of Some Selected Heavy Metals Concentration in the Organs of Two Different Fish Species (Clarias gariepinus and Mormyrus rume) of River Gidin Dorowa

Authors: Mohammed AM* and Ikponmwen EG

DOI: 10.23880/ijoac-16000304


This study was aimed to assess selected heavy metals concentration in the organs of Clarias gariepinus and Mormyrus rume from River Gidin Dorowa, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria. The liver, muscles and Gills of the fish species and water were collected. During dry (September, October and November,) and wet (December, January and February) seasons. Cadmium, Lead, Zinc and Copper were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Sampling of fish was carried out monthly for six (6) months. The results showed that heavy metals mean were high in the muscles followed by the liver and low in the gills of Clarias gariepinus, while heavy metals were highest in the gills followed by the liver and lowest in the muscles of Mormyrus rume. High heavy metals concentration (1.900mg/kg) was recorded for Zinc (Zn) in the gills follow by copper (Cu) with a mean of (0.00917mg/kg) recorded in the liver of Mormyrus rume, Pb recorded the high mean of (0.2932mg/kg) in the liver while low lead (Pb) mean (0.1855mg/kg) was recorded in the muscle. However, Zn ( and Pb (0.2882mg/kg) was high in the muscle than in other tissues of C. gariepinus. In other to avoid serious health hazards, there is need to institute effective fisheries pollution control measures and management of River Gidin Dorowa fisheries resources. Continuous monitoring of the pollution levels of the River Gidin Dorowa using fish species as bioindicators can provide adequate information necessary for its effective management.

Keywords: Heavy Metals; Clarias gariepinus; Mormyrus rume; River; Gidin Dorowa

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