Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319

Research Article

Research Investigation on the Psychological Effects of Procrastination on Students in Icse Schools

Authors: Munda BX and Thangavel*

DOI: 10.23880/pprij-16000418


Procrastination is a self-defeating pattern of behaviours, it may also be perceived as having a psychological benefit, particularly for perfectionists since it shields the person from feelings of shame, guilt, and fear of failing. Devoting energy to other chores, such as organizing or cleaning, instead of disagreeable labour helps procrastinators avoid feeling unproductive, even though they will eventually pay a price for it. Academic procrastination, which is classified as a domain-specific behaviour, describes students' propensity to put off or postpone finishing assignments that have a set deadline, such as writing an essay, doing their homework, or preparing for an exam.

Keywords: Secondary School Students; Procrastination; Social Anxiety; Stress and Resilience

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