Otolaryngology Open Access Journal (OOAJ)

ISSN: 2476-2490

Short Communication

Intratympanic Instillation of Lidocaine for the Treatment of Meniere's Disease an Underused Option

Authors: Arellano Barcenas A*

DOI: 10.23880/ooaj-16000291


For Ménière’s disease, there are different therapeutic options, among these, is the instillation of intratympanic lidocaine, described many years ago, but currently with very limited application due to lack of knowledge of its existence. The objective of this clinical case is to promote the development of double-blind clinical trials among the scientific community, to demonstrate the usefulness of intratympanic instillation of lidocaine as an alternative non-surgical, non-ablative, effective, simple and safe therapeutic strategy to reduce vertigo crisis in Ménière’s disease and thus be able to offer this resource to patients.

Keywords: Ménière’s Disease; Hearing Loss; Double-Blind Clinical Trials; Intratympanic Instillation; Patients; Lidocaine

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