Open Access Journal of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (OAJDA)

ISSN: 2996-671X

Research Article

Voices of Learners: An In-Depth Analysis of Business Process Management Course Experiences

Authors: Hlaing HKT*

DOI: 10.23880/oajda-16000127


In Business Process Management (BPM) education, understanding student experiences is paramount for continuous improvement. This research presents an in-depth examination of the BPM course, capturing the voices and perspectives of learners. Through a mixed-methods approach, combining hypothetical rating surveys with qualitative analysis, we explore student feedback to uncover nuanced insights beyond numerical ratings. This research begins with hypothetical ratings provided by students, offering a quantitative foundation for the subsequent qualitative exploration. The analysis reveals common themes, both positive and critical, shedding light on the efficacy of the course structure, teaching methods, and overall learning experience. Students' reflections on practical application, collaboration, and the impact of the course on their understanding of BPM concepts are examined, providing a comprehensive view of the learning journey. By triangulating hypothetical ratings with qualitative insights, the research identifies areas for enhancement and highlights positive aspects that contribute significantly to the learning journey. These findings offer valuable recommendations for refining the BPM curriculum and fostering a more engaging and effective educational environment. The integration of both quantitative and qualitative data ensures a holistic understanding of student experiences, guiding future improvements in BPM education.

Keywords: BPM; Course Structure; Teaching Methods; Effective Education; Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

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