Open Access Journal of Astronomy (OAJA)

ISSN: 2996-6701

Review Article

Modelling of Charged Dark Energy Stars in a Tolman IV Spacetime

Authors: Malaver M and Iyer R

DOI: 10.23880/oaja-16000114


In this paper, we obtained a new class of solutions for the Einstein-Maxwell field equations with a charged anisotropic matter distribution considering the dark energy equation of state pr =ωρ , where ω is the dark energy parameter, is the radial pressure and is the energy density. We have chosen a form for the metric potential proposed for Tolman (1939) known as Tolman IV type potential. We found that the physical properties as the radial pressure, the anisotropy, energy density, mass function are regular and well behaved in the stellar interior but the strong energy condition is violated. The models are consistent with the upper limit on the mass of compact stars for Her X-1, 4U1538-52 and SAXJ1808.4-3658.

Keywords: Dark Energy Stars, Compact Stars, Tolman IV Potential, Anisotropy, Strong Energy Condition

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