Virology & Immunology Journal (VIJ)

ISSN: 2577-4379

Mini Review

A Complex Relationship between Virus Infection and Host Metabolism

Authors: Hassan BAR* and Mohammed AH

DOI: 10.23880/vij-16000346


To replicate efficiently inside the host, the virus can control or exploit a number of metabolic pathways; however, which route is regulated relies on the conditions that are ideal for the virus's replication or its favorable effect. Viruses not only rely on certain metabolic pathways, but they also alter them when they invade. The virus imposes its own metabolic programme on the host cell, interfering with its metabolic regulation. When a virus infects a cell, it often modifies the host cell's metabolic machinery to meet the bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of reproducing. The current article focuses on the major metabolic pathways that viruses can affect and change.

Keywords: Virus; Glucose; Glutaminolysis; Lipid

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