Advances in Robotic Technology (ART)

ISSN: 2997-6197

Review Article

Development of Vector Systems Applied Theory for Robotic Technology as an Alternative for Quantum One

Authors: Riznyk V*

DOI: 10.23880/art-16000115


The technology is based on the idea of simultaneously processing information on many categories of attributes in the minimized basis of a t-dimensional coordinate system, namely the concept of vector systems theory. The underlying mathematical principle is related to the optimal placement of structural elements in spatially or temporally distributed systems, where the basis is a subset of the set of the total number of coordinate sets of this system, which generates it by the combinational addition of the latter, and the set of the processed vector sets mutually uniquely corresponds to the set of their combinational sums, as well as to the set of binary code combinations. In other words, the mathematical models of the systems with elements distributed in space are studied in such a way that the set of all spatial distances, as well as all their possible combinational sums, mutually uniquely correspond to a set of binary code in the minimized basis of the coordinate system that wraps the surface of a manifold of corresponding dimensions and dimensionality with a common reference point in this system. All algebraic operations are performed by taking into account the numerical values of the modules that correspond to the dimensions, and their quantity, which is determined by the number of dimensions of the coordinate system. The theory includes the development of methods for improving the quality indicators of robotic engineering devices and systems in terms of such indexes as reliability, accuracy, resolution, and other significant characteristics of systems (for example, for constructing specified phase trajectories when controlling dynamic objects in spatial coordinates according to several variable parameters at the same time). The processing of multidimensional data sets on the minimized basis of the t-dimensional coordinate system opens up prospects for development of the vector systems applied theory for robotic technology as an alternative to quantum ones.

Keywords: IVB; Coordinate System Optimization; Vector Data; Category Attributes; Encryption

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