Journal of Quality in Health Care & Economics (JQHE)

ISSN: 2642-6250

Research Article

Infection Prevention Control: First Cycle Audit Regarding Safe Fitting and Removal of Personal Protective Equipment among Health-Care Workers in Infectious Diseases Wards at Soba University Hospital

Authors: Eltayeb NH, Hassan AA*, and Hassan Mohamed TA

DOI: 10.23880/jqhe-16000391


In the recent years the frequency of health emergences increased highlighted the importance of infection prevention control (IPC) measures especially personal protective equipment (PPE). This study assessed the compliance of the healthcare providers at Soba university hospital to IPCPPE and assessed the effectiveness of the IPC training center at the hospital. This descriptive cross-sectional, hospital-based study, used self-administered questionnaire to gather the data, and statistical program for social science (SPSS) version 28 to analyze it, frequency tables were used to show the results. The overall knowledge of healthcare providers was good, but only 69.6% agreed that they changed gloves between patients. They mentioned reasons for their poor adherence to PPE: PPE interference with work (69.6%), brought discomfort to the patient (50%), brought discomfort to them (47.8%). This result dictated the effectiveness of theoretical part of the training while the practical and supervision section needs improvement.

Keywords: Infection; Prevention; Control; Personal Protective Equipment; Sudan

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