Pediatrics & Neonatal Biology Open Access (PNBOA)

ISSN: 2640-2726

Research Article

Umbrella Reviews in Pediatric Dentistry - A pinnacle in Hierarchy of Evidence Based Literature

Authors: Nagaveni NB*

DOI: 10.23880/pnboa-16000202


Background: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses represent high rank in the evidence hierarchy pertaining to health science including pediatric dental health. However, this research methodology is associated with its own drawbacks and disadvantages. As a result, with the invention of flawless methodology, an Umbrella Review as a new tertiary research tool has taken its birth in the scientific research literature. Aim: To overview in detail pertaining to Umbrella reviews and to alarm all pediatric dental researchers for conducting future such reviews on all oral health related conditions occurring in children. Design: The detailed literature search was performed for published articles of individual Umbrella reviews carried out exclusively in the arena of paediatric dentistry encompassing all topics (domains) related to children from inception till 30 June 2023. Results: Following search for the umbrella reviews revealed limited evidence on this research methodology encompassing few domains. Conclusion: There is insufficient evidence on the literature pertaining to different oral health related factors in children including the methodological quality related studies like systematic reviews or meta-analyses. Therefore, it is highly essential for future studies to be undertaken to best provide standard protocols and recommendations to pediatric dentistry specialty regarding all oral health aspects encountered in children.

Keywords: Domain; Pediatric Dentistry; Review Article; Systematic Reviews and Metal Analysis; Umbrella Review

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