Journal of Quality in Health Care & Economics (JQHE)

ISSN: 2642-6250

Research Article

Exploring the Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Wellness and Employee Health

Authors: McCart AL*

DOI: 10.23880/jqhe-16000395


Objective: This qualitative case study aims to determine the state of workplace wellness activities in organizations in Midwestern and Southern states. Specifically, this study looks at the roles of top-down leadership and organizational goals as determinants of a healthy workforce. Design/Methodology/Approach: Participants were asked about workplace wellness programs using the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Health Scorecard (HSC). Additionally, qualitative interviews asked participants questions about their workplace wellness programs. The results of the qualitative interviews were transcribed and compared to the literature for patterns, themes, and outliers. Participants: Participants were college-educated employees. They were asked to share information on their organizations’ workplace wellness practices. Main outcome measures: The CDC HSC consists of 125 questions totaling 265 points. Organizations were measured based on their scores falling in the top, middle, and lower third of scores. Their qualitative answers were used to add depth and meaning to the scores. Results/conclusions: Workplace wellness programs are successful when they are supported from top-down leadership, multiple marketing methods are utilized, and a focused person is responsible for corporate initiatives. Originality: This article provides the unique perspective of professionals in the field of workplace wellness.

Keywords: Leadership; Workplace Wellness; Healthy Corporations

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