International Journal of Zoology and Animal Biology (IZAB)

ISSN: 2639-216X

Case Report

A Case Report of Primary Bone Tumor with Metastasis in Lung and Liver

Authors: Sousa Gomes TV and Paolo Ruggero Errante*

DOI: 10.23880/izab-16000593


Primary bone tumors in dogs have a low frequency, however, among bone neoplasms, osteosarcoma accounts for more than 80% of malignant bone neoplasms, the occurrence of which is higher in dogs aged 5 to 9 years, mainly affecting large breed animals. Osteosarcoma has an aggressive biological behavior both at the site of growth and in the formation of metastases, being characterized by the proliferation of malignant primitive mesenchymal cells, with osteoblastic differentiation that produces bone matrix called osteoid or immature bone. Affected animals present pain, lameness, and increased volume of the affected area. The diagnosis is based on history, physical, laboratory and radiographic examination, the latter characterized by the presence of areas of bone destruction and new formation, periosteal reaction and increased volume of soft tissues. Diagnostic confirmation is carried out through histopathological examination. Since it mainly affects the appendicular skeleton, treatment includes surgery to amputate the affected limb, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In this case report we describe an animal that suffered a tibial fracture after being run over and underwent surgery, with subsequent bone growth of a malignant nature and metastases to the lung and liver.

Keywords: Dogs; Osteosarcoma, Bone Tumor, Metastasis; Lung

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