International Journal of Zoology and Animal Biology (IZAB)

ISSN: 2639-216X

Short Communication

Asymmetry of Eye Peduncle Length in Euprotomus Iredalei (Abbott, 1960) (Mollusca: Neostromboidae: Strombidae)

Authors: Maxwell SJ*, Watt JL and Payne MA

DOI: 10.23880/izab-16000594


This study examines the difference in right and left ommatophore length of Euprotomus iredalei from Karratha, Western Australia. In all specimens examined (n = 39, Males = 21, Females = 18) there was no evidence of imposex in terms of sexual organ abnormality or gonadal form, and all animals had right and left ommatophores that were of different lengths. This length difference was significant (t(38) = 10.315, p < 0.001) in the length of the ommatophore with the right longer (8.86 mm ± 0.23 SE) than the left (7.32 mm ± 0.19), and the effect size was large (d = 1.05). There was no sexual dimorphism in the difference in proportional length of the ommatophore between males and females (t(38) = 0.056, p = 0.955). This paper indicated that the difference between the left and right ommatophore in the target species and not a consequence of imposex.

Keywords: Eye Stalk; Hermaphrodism; Imposex; Gastropoda; Sexual Dimorphism; Shell

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