Open Access Journal of Astronomy (OAJA)

ISSN: 2996-6701

Review Article

New Astronomy with the Swift Observatory: Discovery of Cosmic Baby, Supernova explosion and other Extremes

Authors: Parui RK

DOI: 10.23880/oaja-16000118


Analysis of Swift observed data offer us a new concept on supernova explosion and gamma ray bursts moulding on our old ideas. Swift space telescope observatory was launched in 2004 mainly for observation of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) with an operational active duration of two years. According to the new picture of supernova explosion — firstly shocks break out with the emission of x-rays and then exploding will occur while conventional idea was a new born neutron star compresses, rebounds and then triggers a shock wave that finally blows the star’s gaseous outer layers. Another invaluable discovery of Swift observatory was detection of Cosmic Baby, i.e. Swift J1818.0 – 1607 which is a young magnetar of ~ 240 years aged. It is also exhibiting triaxiality (as a triaxial star) having interior core magnetic field and ellipticity are 8.9424 x 1017 G and ~ 9 x 10–3, respectively. Nearly twenty years in service after its launching Swift is in good health and expected will remain active for few years also. So, new astronomy awaits from the Swift mission.

Keywords: Supernova; Gamma Ray Bursts; Shock Waves; X-Ray Emission

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