International Journal of Pharmacognosy & Chinese Medicine (IPCM)

ISSN: 2576-4772

Review Article

The Scope of Nano-Silver in Medicine: A Systematic Review


Deep Inder1* and Pawan Kumar2


Nano-silver has already been clinically explored in ancient medicine i.e ayurveda in the form of Raupya bhasma/rajat bhasma. The resurgence of nano-silver has revolutionized not only as upcoming drug against anti-microbial drug resistant nosocomial infections , but has also evolved in diagnostics, targeted drug delivery, nano-implants, nano-fillers in dentistry, nano-cement in bones and as antiseptic and dis-infectants. Several clinical trials have demonstrated their promise in bio-medical field for above mentioned areas. The only limitation observed in studies is its cumulative potential resulting in toxicity of silver known as argyria i.e grey black discolouration of skin. Moreover few studies have proved the presence of small quantities of heavy metals e.g mercury, arsenic, lead etc in ayurvedic formulations. Therefore, more toxicity studies are required to establish the safety and efficacy of nano-silver. Once toxic profile of nano-silver is established, it would be easy to apply uses of nano-silver firmly in various clinical aspects in medicine.


Nano-silver; Antimicrobial resistance; Toxicity of silver

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