Anthropology and Ethnology Open Access Journal (AEOAJ)

ISSN: 2639-2119

Research Article

Poverty, Development and Wellbeing: Dimensions of Social Change

Authors: Ishara M*

DOI: 10.23880/aeoaj-16000111


Poverty is often seen as having low income and inability to access standardized services for living. However, poverty measures have failed to measure the deprivations which are more detrimental in achieving the human well being. Accordingly, development goal is intended to achieve the benefit that are materially sufficient and disregards the resources, which are intrinsically important. Individual’s intrinsic capabilities are often undermined that function for their overall well being. The challenges are then to increase the individual’s capabilities with adequate freedom and choices for the responsible well being. Hence, it is critical to change the purview of development focusing on the human development and human well being rather than the growth that least addresses the issues of poverty and inequality.

Keywords: Poverty; Wellbeing; Development; Capabilities; Social change

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