Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal (PPEJ)

ISSN: 2578-4846

Research Article

Comparison on the Performance of Moringa and Neem Root Extracts on Crude Oil Degradation in Soils Environment

Authors: Ukpaka CP*

DOI: 10.23880/ppej-16000229


Degradation of Crude oil in different soils environment was monitored using two different species of plant extract namely moringa and Neem roots. Four different types of soil was investigation namely loamy, sandy, clay and silt soil all obtained from Niger Delta area of Nigeria as well as the Moringa and Neem roots including the alcohol and water media with the aims to extract the useful nutrient that can enhance microbial activities on crude oil degradation. The mass of 500g and 600g of the moringa and Neem roots fermented extracts were introduced into the various polluted soil types investigated and the result obtained show increase in degradation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) with increase in time in all the soil types. Degradation of the TPH was more rapid in sandy soil environment and less in silt soil environment in moringa in water and alcohol as well as in Neem in alcohol and water media. The research work also revealed that degradation was faster in moringa in water than all others, showing the acceptability of moringa root as a major radiant for crude oil polluted environment. The aim of this research work is to examine the effectiveness of fermented moringa and Neem roots extract for remediation of crude oil polluted soils of different environment.

Keywords: Comparison; Performance; Moringa; Neem; Roots extract; Crude oil; Soil environment

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