International Journal of Transplantation & Plastic Surgery (IJTPS)

ISSN: 2639-2127

Research Article

Risk Reducing-Mastectomy: Experience of a University Hospital in Argentina

Authors: McLean IL*, Montoya D, Beccar Varela E, Morris B, Barber J, Condins C, Constanza Vallone M, Berdinelli D, García Suarez P, Schejtman D and McLean LH

DOI: 10.23880/ijtps-16000149


Background: The number of risk-reducing mastectomies (RRM) has increased over the past years as genetic testing has become more readily available. Objective: The aim of this study was to analyze the experience of a University Hospital in Argentina Material and methods: The analysis included healthy patients undergoing simultaneous bilateral RRM and those with a history of breast cancer who underwent contralateral RRM. Patients with mastec¬tomies performed as treatment of breast cancer were not considered, but those with contralateral mastectomies were included. Results: Seventy RRM were performed in 49 patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria for the analy¬sis. Mean age was 44 years (range: 34-64). The nipple-areola complex was preserved in 60 cases. In 50 cases, breast reconstruction was performed by direct implant placement. In 57 patients, the incision was placed radially in the upper outer quadrant. Fifty-seven patients did not present complications, and in the rest of the cases the implant was lost in only one (1.4%) case. An occult breast cancer was detected in only one patient. During follow-up, one patient developed a small carcinoma in the operated breast. Conclusion: RRM is a valid and safe option for women at high risk for breast cancer, since it signifi¬cantly reduces the probability of developing the disease, with good aesthetic results and a high level of patient satisfaction.

Keywords: Breast cancer; High risk; Risk reduction mastectomy

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