International Journal of Transplantation & Plastic Surgery (IJTPS)

ISSN: 2639-2127

Conceptual Paper

Reductive Mastoplasty in Gigantomastia with Inferior Pedicle Flap and Free Graft of the Areola-Nipple Complex

Authors: Tamayo Carbon AM, Vila Garcia E*, Orozco Jaramillo MA, Hurtado Vidal JR, Cedillo Lopez RM and Cairos Baez JN

DOI: 10.23880/ijtps-16000151


Introduction: Gigantomastia is the greatest expression of breast hypertrophy and produces great biopsychosocial suffering for patients. Its treatment consists of reductive mastoplasty through combinations of surgical techniques. Objectives: To evaluate the results of the surgical treatment of gigantomastia with the reductive mastoplasty technique with a lower pedicle flaps and frees grafting of the nipple areola complex. Method: A descriptive, prospective and longitudinal study was carried out with 50 patients with a diagnosis of gigantomastia who were treated at the breast dysmorphia consultation of the Plastic Surgery service of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital in the period from January 2016 to December 2019. All they were treated with the inferior pedicle surgical technique and free grafting of the areola-nipple complex. Results: The average age was 41.4 years, with a standard deviation of ± 12.7 years. The preoperative volume of each breast ranged between 1 500 and 4 500 gr. It was dried between 700 and 3 500 gr. of breast tissue, obtaining an average postoperative volume of 706.80 gr., with extreme values of 1 000 and 500 gr. The late complications were the most frequent in 10 patients with graft hypopigmentation. The results obtained were good in 46 patients and all were satisfied. Conclusions: Reductive mastoplasty with lower pedicle flap and free graft of the areola-nipple complex is a surgical treatment option for gigantomastia that offers good results, few complications and high satisfaction for patients.

Keywords: Gigantomastia; Reductive mastoplasty

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