International Journal of Transplantation & Plastic Surgery (IJTPS)

ISSN: 2639-2127

Case Report

Reductive Mastoplasty with Medial Pedicle Flap in Patients with Symptomatic Breast Hypertrophy

Authors: Tamayo Carbon AM, Vila Garcia E*, Valdivia Llanes JT, Reyes Perez AO and Cuastumal Figueroa DK

DOI: 10.23880/ijtps-16000152


Introduction: Breast hypertrophy is the abnormal increase in the volume of the breast associated with local osteomyoarticular and respiratory symptoms. Surgical treatment consists of reducing the size and improving the shape of the breast while preserving the ability to breastfeed. Objective: To evaluate the results of Reductive Mastoplasty with a medial pedicle flap. Method: Descriptive, prospective and longitudinal study in the Plastic Surgery Service of the Ameijeiras Hospital in 35 patients with a diagnosis of symptomatic breast hypertrophy who underwent Reductive Mastoplasty using the monopediculated Strombeck technique from January 2015 to December 2017. Results: Patients under 45 years old predominate with 57%. The most frequent symptoms are shoulder pain in 71% and back pain in 37% associated with very important breast hypertrophy in 55%. Stage E breast ptosis prevails in those less than 45 years with 60%. The median of resected tissue is less than 500g with a range between 300 and 750g without significant differences between both breasts. There is significant variability of anthropometric measurements in the pre and postoperative period with minor complications such as unaesthetic scar in 5.7%, wound dehiscence in 2.9% and sensitivity disorders in 2.9%. The evaluation of satisfaction and quality of life according to the Breast–Q scale reports improvement in all the aspects evaluated. Conclusions: Reductive Mastoplasty with internal monopediculate flap is a technique that offers good aesthetic results and few complications in patients with symptomatic breast hypertrophy.

Keywords: Reductive Mastoplasty; Breast hypertrophy

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