Anthropology and Ethnology Open Access Journal (AEOAJ)

ISSN: 2639-2119

Research Article

Cultural and Traditional Life of Baiga Tribes in the State of Madhya Pradesh, in India: A Brief View

Authors: Kumar A*

DOI: 10.23880/aeoaj-16000142


This paper is related to primary data and secondary data based to understand the way in which a baiga tribe is viewed culturally and developmentally, as a social group existing before the development of, or outside states. In this view, culture is used to refer to the totality of a people’s “way of life” The Baiga is one of the aboriginal tribes of India who have various traditional features. These traditional features are so distinct that they vary from other various tribes of India. They follow various traditional methods and techniques to work out their different needs in life. The Baiga tribe in Madhya Pradesh is known for its unique culture. They do not interact even with other tribal’s like the Gonds, believe in a hand-to-mouth existence, and do not try to access education, eat outside their community, or associate with others. After a death in the family, the Baigas just leave the house and build another. They are totally dependent on the jungle, they do not engage in tendu patta collection, which is a major livelihood provider in M.P. Although, now-a-days, the body tattooing is became a fashion round the world, but still it has some cultural significance in the tribal world. Body tattooing is very much essential and a community marker for some of the tribal groups of central India. It is related to their religion, belief system, health care practice, body decoration, social status, wealth etc. The tribes of central India usually like to tattoo various symbols related to their totem, god and goddess. It is a common believe among them that, these deities and ancestors protect them from different natural calamities, evil spirits, black magic, enemies, wild animals etc.

Keywords: Baiga Tribe; Social Group; Cultural and Development

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