Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319

Research Article

Correlation of Sleepiness with Risk of Traffic Accident in Sao Luis do Maranhao: Exposure Variables

Authors: Borges IJM*, Cabral JL, Conti CF, Oliveira MM, Rodrigues VP, Fialho HEA, Souza EEG


Introduction: Sleep disturbances cause adverse effects on people’s lives for the negative interference by diminishing their daily functioning, increasing the propensity for psychiatric disorders, cognitive deficits, emergence and aggravation of health problems, risk of traffic accidents, absenteeism at work, and by compromising quality of life. Objectives: To correlate to drowsiness with risk of traffic accident. Methods: This is an observational, descriptive, crosssectional study with a quantitative approach, involving people qualified to drive, passers-by in public space, from Shopping da Ilha, in São Luís - MA. Results: Data from 78 drivers with mean age of 34.7 ± 12.2 years were analyzed. The data showed that 33.8% of the respondents said they had already experienced some kind of traffic hazard due to sleepiness, however, only 1 driver reported that they had already suffered an automobile accident for this reason. Conclusion: Our study concluded that there is an association between not having slept properly and having been sleepy or having taken a rest while driving in the last 30 days with an increased risk with traffic accidents.

Keywords: Sleep Disorders; Traffic Accidents; Public Health

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