Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319

Case Report

The Impact of Attachment as an Actor of Resilience: In the Light of the Comparative Analysis of Two Clinical Cases: A Chilean Experience

Authors: Segovia RB*


This paper is framed in the critical reflection of five concepts gathered from attachment theory, based on two cases of adolescents (now of age) that were clinically developed a couple of years ago by the undersigned, in the light of the contributions of authors such as Fonagy, Marrone and mainly Bowlby. This is how we intend to carry out a comparative analysis, in the light of these concepts and to be able to glimpse how attachment has influenced the lives of these young people, in spite of having a very similar life history. It is important to mention the context of consultation, which is given through the intervention of a program for children and young people in street situation of the National Service of Minors of Chile, this has an axis of psycho-socio-educational intervention, in the objective of the restitution of violated rights, as well as to be able to visualize future life projects of children and young people, from the resignification of their experience, also the program provides basic services for children such as; food, clothing, showers and the possibility of being able to wash their clothes. In order to disfigure the cases, the names of the young people will be changed, and certain data will be omitted as they do not provide more background for the analysis.

Keywords: children and youth in street situations; Attachment theory; Resilience; Secure base; Transference; Mentalization

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