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ISSN: 2576-0319

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Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression among Primary Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia Attending Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

Authors: Akinfala A*, Sowunmi O and Sakeeb I


Aims: To determine the prevalence and factors associated with depression among primary caregivers of individuals with schizophrenia attending the outpatient clinic Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Abeokuta in Nigeria. Study design: Cross-sectional descriptive study Methods: One hundred and thirty-eight caregivers were recruited. Socio-demographic questionnaire, MINI-PLUS depressive module were administered on the caregivers. MINI-PLUS Psychotic module was used to confirm diagnosis in patients while BPRS was used to measure symptoms severity in the patients. The associations between caregivers’ socio-demographic variables, symptoms severity in patients and depression among caregivers were tested using Chi-square; Multivariable regression analyses done to identify independent predictors of depression. Results: The mean (SD) age of respondents was 48.3 (±14.7), 53.6% were females, 33.3% were without partners and 20.3% were unemployed. The prevalence of depression among the caregivers was 13.8%. Independent predictors of depression were female gender (p = 0.03), minority tribe (p <0.001), and previous mental illness (p =0.01). Conclusion: Prevalence of depression is high among caregivers, there is need to pay attention to the psychological wellbeing caregivers who come in contact with psychiatric services, and not just the patients they accompany.

Keywords: Schizophrenia; Depression; Caregivers

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