Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319


What Have We Done Wrong? The Cry of Today’s Youth for Attention

Authors: Elliason EK*


Every society expects good behaviour from its citizenry. Society applauds behaviour which conforms to set norms and customs. Deviant behaviour is frowned upon and sometimes punished. The motive behind this is for people to live peacefully in all societies so that they can fully realize their human potentials. In this sense, agents of socialization and formation are expected to help new members of society to take up the values of such societies. Families, schools, training institutions, churches, mosques etc. have greater roles to play in this regard. They play this role of socialization generation after generation. Failure to play this role as expected leads to a generation of miscreants and deviants. Youth of today are the most criticized of all times. Most of these criticisms are about their general approach to life. These condemnations are slapped on their faces by the most powerful in the society -the elderly, parents, teachers, religious leaders etc. They are condemned as immoral, disrespectful, incorrigible, drug peddlers and addicts, alcoholics, rude and unruly, undisciplined, criminals and all the negative adjectives one can think of. Society judges these young ones without giving a moment’s thought to the source of these negative tags. Were those we blame, shame and tag with all negativities born with such negativities? Are young people of today just a bunch of negative traits? What accounts for the negativities we see in them? This article explores especially the role of the home and parents in the plight of the youth.


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